Social and environmental responsibility

The Strategic Plan of Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) Plan defines the framework and guidelines to be followed by the company in the realm of CSR through a series of initiatives for:

  • Integrating stakeholder expectations into company strategy
  • Identifying specific objectives
  • Devising specific short-, medium- and long-term initiatives aimed at meeting these objectives.
  • Certifications

    Arcoval integrates the environmental management in its corporate strategy, defining directives to implement environmental management systems in its projects and businesses.

    The main part of our business activities had an integrated system of environmental management geared to several ISO standards. Visit our website certifications for more information.

    Responsible Procurement System

    Arcoval is working to implement social responsibility in all of its lines of activity and therefore fosters and promotes the principles set forth in the Global Compact, the Declaration of Human Rights, fulfillment of the indicators established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the company’s own Code of Conduct throughout the supply chain.

    In order to accomplish this objective, Arcoval began to develop a Responsible Procurement System that incorporates sustainability criteria into the company’s assessment of its suppliers for the purpose of establishing supplier classification in terms of such aspects, while at the same time furthering responsible, transparent practices along the supply chain.

    The responsible procurement system encompasses initial Arcoval purchasing system review, annual supplier assessment, onsite audits of critical providers, and supplier rating.

    This system thereby establishes a collaborative model fostering long-term relationships and promoting good practices in every region where Arcoval is acting.

    CSR risk management in company facilities

    We monitor and manage CSR risks at our facilities.
    Prior CSR-related risk analysis at Arcovala facilities is indispensable in detecting work facilities or plants that are more vulnerable in the area of CSR, with higher potential of violating principles or norms included under the Global Compact or under the company’s own internal regime. As a product of the information gathered, Abengoa is able to exercise internal control and devise ad hoc mitigation and prevention measures for each installation and risk identified.