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Lanzas de Arcoval SL

Lanzas de Arcoval

To enjoy a gourmet experience.

Product Atlantic Green

Atlantic Green

The newest addition, young and fresh yet elegant.

Arcoval Zanahorias de Arcoval SL


The usual; our most traditional proposal.

Carrots Production

- Arcoval offers excellent quality carrots in a wide range of packages.

- You can choose one of our brands or your personal one.

- Carrots production around 600 acres (250 hectare) every year.

- From the harvest to deliver out the carrots to the final consumer within 48 hours.

- Distribution to customers all around the world.

Our Packaging Formats

Lanzas, carrots of spain, FLow Pack, Arcoval

1kg Flow-Pack tray of Carrots

bolsas de zanahorias, 1kg

1kg Bag of Carrots

Best quality carrots of Spain, Arcoval SL

2kg Bag of Carrots

Atlantik Green - Arcoval SL

5kg and 10kg Bags of Carrots

Carrots from Spain, Andalusia, Arcoval SL

12kg generic Bag of Carrots

Big-Bag 1000kg of Carrots

Big-Bag 1000kg of Carrots


Always ensuring the safety, quality and food authenticity of our products

QS Quaility scheme for food QS Quaility scheme for food QS Quaility scheme for food QS Quaility scheme for food

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